Company profile

We appreciate your kind attention to KAPOSPLAST a company with more than 60 years of experience. Please let us summarize the history of our company shortly.

Established in 1949, KAPOSPLAST has been processing natural hair for the brush industry. The first plastic extrusion machine was put into operation in 1967. KAPOSPLAST is the only synthetic filament and strapping tape producer in Hungary.

We have established the quality standards of ISO 9001 in combination with the environmental management system ISO 14001 in 2001 and from that time we work with it efficiently.

The main evidence of harmony of quality and environmental consciousness is shown by the fact that a significant part of products made of 100 % recycled raw materials can be found in our product range.

85 % of the total turnover comes from export activity. Beside the European market our products are sold in several Arabian countries and in America.

The time between 2003-2013 was the most innovative period in the company’s history: continuously growing of the production capacity, developing of the technical basis and technology innovations. The dynamic growing, the strong presence on the market and excellent customers service were fruitful: KAPOSPLAST is the leading manufacturer of PP filaments on the European market since many years. Through our investment we entered also into the market of PET bristles in 2009, offering a more complete product range for our customers. In 2011-2012 we made more investments in order to upgrade the quality of our filaments and in 2013 we set up our recycling department in the spirit of our commitment to an environmental protection.

Our product range is consisting of plastic fibres for the brush and broom industries, plastic strapping tapes, products for agricultural use, monofilaments for industrial and agricultural use and concrete additive plastic fibre called POLITON®. A number of products were developed and patented by our engineers.

The main goal of KAPOSPLAST is that our products meet any special requirements of end-users as far as colour, size and quality concerned. Several multinational companies are using KAPOSPLAST products with full satisfaction since many years.

We are at your service with a professional team of multilingual, graduated, well-trained and experienced colleagues at any time.